Advanced Weapons in Your School Influenza Arsenal

KaiFly daily desktop disinfection system.

Whatever your cleaning regimen the rest of the year, here is a 1, 2, 3 approach to influenza season that you should consider using now, and one proven to work in a major hospital-sponsored case study.

- 33% reduced absenteeism among students and staff

- 28% shorter absences when infections do occur

- 68% reduction of serious pathogens such as Norovirus on desks and other surfaces  

1. Put up signage to affect behavior and increase washing of hands.
This page includes school hygiene signs and posters you can run off on a color printer in various sizes to get started. Perhaps have your art classes make more as a project using these to stimulate ideas.

2. Put up, fill up and use hand sanitizer stations everywhere. Readily available stations used often reduced illness transmission nearly 20% in school case studies a couple of years ago.

3. Practice daily desktop disinfection, and touchpoint disinfection (door knobs and other commonly touched points), and use Critical Care to give 24-hour control to those surfaces. Daily desktop disinfection with just a simple disinfectant lowered absenteeism 33% in studies by Boston Children's Hospital. By adding on-going residual control from a very low-toxicity (silver ion) agent, you increase the safety and the effectiveness of your program even more.