Does Your Business Card Cut Wood?

Whether you are a facility manager or a salesperson, you have a message to deliver. You may be selling yourself, your concepts or your products. With all the new methods of marketing created by the evolotion of the internet, if you have neglected the selling role of your good-old reliable business card, you are not to be blamed. The good news is - many others are doing the same, giving you an opportunity to differentiate yourself, your message, or your products.

Your "calling card" is still your number one ambassador. As a business staple, they are non-intimidating and can be reviewed in an instant. Your card is the ultimate leave-behind for that reason. They are one item in your sales literature arsenal that may not end up in File 13 within 20 seconds of your departure.

Business cards also represent the original, "Oh yeah, I just got a card from somebody who does that," finger-powered search engine. Can you name a person in your office who doesn't have either their own messy stack of business cards, or a meticulously scanned and organized electronic version?

Now that we have given the calling card its due, should yours become more than a 3.5" x 2" piece of index stock with your name, address, phone and logo? Consider that perhaps it should:

  • Include all pertinent links to your personal or corporate media.
  • Utilize easy-to-read type, and include more data than you are use to thinking.
  • Be designed by a professional and conform to your corporate identity program. 
  • Leave at least half of the back open for hand-written notes. 

Design Your Card to Sell More

ADD A CALL TO ACTION - If your card can entice a contact to visit your blog, Twitter feed or website, you have multiplied its communication potential. A concise "hook," such as "Ten Steps to Reduce Slips or Falls in Your Building -," may fit on the front of your card. Make your call to action hard to resist.

COUPON - Coupons for those who sell products can go on the reverse of your card. Coupons can draw customers to retail points of purchase, or your website shopping cart. "25% Off Welcome! Order Code: UR12IC."

BLOG LINK - Because color cards have come down in cost, you can promote more than one topic by using different designs. Try tailoring topics to specific ideas your cards should communicate about you or what you are representing.

INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC CARDS - Your cards can be designed with a simple illustration or photo that implies your specialization or an industry you want to work with. You can have more than one design available depending on use.

What has your business card done for you, today? Make it do more - by design.