Pur-O-Zone awarded Pro-Link 2012 Distributor "Link" Award

On Wednesday, April 25th, at an awards ceremony in Austin, Texas, Pur-O-Zone was awarded the prestigious Pro-Link 2012 Distributor "Link" Award.

The award was given to Pur-O-Zone by Pro-Link Vice President of Sales, Brian Slack. Given annually, the award is based on survey results received from Pro-Link suppliers and Pro-Link staff and recognizes distributors who actively support Pro-Link products and programs, are receptive to new products, and work best with Pro-Link and supplier sales representatives.

Mark Elzea accepted the award on behalf of Pur-O-Zone employees and Pur-O-Zone partners Mike Lane, Terry Boyle, Joe Bosco and Elzea.

Pur-O-Zone joined Pro-Link in September 1984, months after the founding of Pro-Link.

Everyone at Pur-O-Zone is extremely proud of the award recognition, and we can assure you that we will do our best to continue with the attributes that won us the "Link" award!