Should You Buy Janitorial Supplies from Your Contract Cleaner?

Small businesses report purchasing janitorial supplies - like towels and soap - from their building service contractor for three main reasons:

  • Convenience - they deliver what we need.
  • If we run out - we just call them.
  • Our cleaner said they prefer to use their own supplies.

PUR-O-ZONE sells supplies to a number of contract cleaning services for use with their customers, and many do a great job managing supplies. Buying direct from the distributor can be equally convenient, and often saves money while adding benefits like dispenser repair and maintenance.

Standing Order

Convenience - PUR-O-ZONE has standing-order service. We fill and deliver your automatic order every week, two weeks or monthly, based on your standard use. This is what contract cleaners are doing, bringing what you normally use. For adjustments, we provide the convenience of on-line ordering. If you need to order at 10pm, you can easily place the order on-line. It will be delivered the next morning on stocking items. 

Preferred Supplies - The contract cleaner often prefers their supplies be used. This adds revenue and an opportunity for additional margin. Working directly with a distributor can give you more product options while removing a markup from the cost of supplies. Even contract cleaners large enough to work direct with a re-distributor (one level down from manufacturers such as those PUR-O-ZONE buys direct from), often limit their offerings, because they have limited storage.

Run-outs - You can receive next morning delivery from PUR-O-ZONE in many cities in Kansas and Missouri including Kansas City, Topeka, Hutchinson and Lawrence. You can place your order up to midnight and still have it in hand just a few hours later.

Benefits contractors generally do not offer:

  • Clear Accountability - You inspect and sign for your supplies directly during open hours. No wondering if something was really delivered to you. 
  • Dispenser Maintenance - Most contract cleaners do not have the replacement dispensers or parts to keep your systems operating without ordering from a distributor. We are able to respond quickly when something needs to be fixed or replaced because we stock those dispensers and install hundreds to ADA standards every year. We also have selected low- and even no-cost dispensers available for dispensing products we provide.
  • Improved Quality - For the same dollars you are spending today, you may be able to upgrade in quality, or simply lower your costs. Buying direct is more efficient.
  • Expertise - A distributor has the product range and knowledge to meet your needs.

Working with a distributor can be as convenient and easy as any other method. From both cost and maintenance standpoints, buying direct is almost always better. Click here if you would like to request a proposal.