Get Cleaning Information at our Hashtag "#cleanpoz"

PUR-O-ZONE tweets related to cleaning will now include the hashtag #cleanpoz. This hashtag is an aid to getting more from your PUR-O-ZONE relationship.

For the past two years PUR-O-ZONE has tweeted from five to 12 times a week, usually in the mornings, during the common work day, CST. If you open up a column in your TweetDeck and search #cleanpoz you will be able to see just those posts related to cleaning methods and education.

The #cleanpoz column on your TweetDeck will look something like this. It's easy to find and follow cleaning topics from PUR-O-ZONE this way.

We will be using one other hashtag, #cleanproduct. This will indicate product or equipment information. If you are interested in news about janitorial and sanitation industry products, open a column to follow this hashtag, #cleanproduct.