A Variable Field Analysis Report is Free and Will Help You Allocate Work Loads

It is important in facility management to understand what your staff - which may be as lean as at any time in the last decade - can reasonably be expected to do. If that workloading is down, then what are the most productive things they should be doing?

Information based on hundreds of customer experiences will help you do that. We apply several stats about your department that allow us to compare you with standards based on a huge janitorial cleaning database. This report is called the Variable Field Analysis Report, or VFAR. It can lead to workloading changes that make your department stronger. This is a free service available to our customers and others in Kansas and western Missouri. 

After gathering information and returning with your own VFAR, we can help you determine methodologies, automation and strategies to increase the effectiveness of that staffing level. Whether you work with PUR-O-ZONE, on your own or even with another resource, the discussion and process is well worth your time. It has worked for companies and institutions throughout the region.

Get your own VFAR.

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