Liners that Fit Your Trash Can Like a Glove

Trash can liner fit has given janitorial staffs fits since can liners were invented. There has been a lot of conversation about not having too much liner and wasting product, having too little liner and not being able to tie, and even how to keep liners from pulling in at the sides with bands around the top.

PUR-O-ZONE has jumped ahead of the curve with liners designed to fit like a glove into the most common receptacles. When placed inside a 44-gallon Rubbermaid Brute, for example, the liner designed for that receptacle almost seems to coat the inside, a true customized fit.

A few of these new liner designs are shipping now with more coming in first quarter 2013. Do you have any of these top 10 receptacles?

  • 7- to 10-gallon standard rectangle
  • 25-gallon Torpedo
  • 23-gallon Slim Jim (R)
  • 22-gallon round
  • 23-gallon step on container
  • 23-gallon indoor square container
  • 28-gallon square container
  • 32-gallon, 44-gallon and 55-gallon Brute (R) receptacle
  • 56-gallon outdoor container
  • 65-gallon King Can (R) receptacle

This system offers the perfect solution to can liner that fit.

  • Space inside is maximized.
  • Hang-over is perfect for lifting and tying without wasting excess.
  • Once spread into the container, liner does not drag down the way approximate-sized liners do.
  • Opening hangs well over receptacle rim, eliminating the need in most cases for making a knot or using a band to make them stay put.

To order, contact Bobbi at 800-727-7876. If your liner is not in stock, Bobbi will call you when they arrive.