Will You be Prepared for Winter Before November 15?

Click on SPECIALS! above for our wet vac and buffer winter weather special.The winter of 2009-10 and 2010-2011 saw snowfall and cold temperatures in record amounts. January of 2011 alone had two days in the top ten snowfalls ever recorded in Kansas City. Then came the winter of 2011-12, one of the warmest ever. What surprises will this winter hold?

If you are a mayor, head of a highway department or the facility manager for a building, bet on snow and wet weather. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) statistics show if you are in Olathe between October 1st and April 30th, expect on average to receive 20 inches of snow.

Because winter supplies are seasonally shipped and chronically slow to distribute if the first few snowfalls are heavy, be prepared.


  • 1.       Ice melt is the obvious first – Get ahead by a couple of snowfalls. Ice melt is heavy to move and stocking takes time. Distribute it early to the places it will be used. Waiting until after ice has set in causes frustration and even lawsuits. Buying in 5-gallon plastic pails assures your stock will be safe and sound if you have to store it.
  • 2.       Residue remover – Ice melt is hard on all surfaces once inside your building. Bond-Ayd by PUR-O-ZONE is one specialized floor care product that works especially well to neutralize and remove ice melt residue from resilient floors including vinyl, ceramic tile, and finished hardwoods.
  • 3.       30’ of 3-stage matting per door with change-outs for inclement weather – Matting that begins outside with gross aggregate removal, a mid-section starting inside the door for trapping mud and moisture in deep wells, and a long absorbent section to dry shoes will save your building and floors. The mid-section may need to be changed out on particularly nasty days, so have backups.  Clean one section in a garage area with a drain while the in-place backup section is gathering more water and mud. Leaving logged up mats causes floor and carpet damage, requires excess cleaning that could be avoided and is a leading cause of slip and fall accidents. Lawsuits over falls often run into the tens of thousands of dollars.
  • 4.       Squeegees – Moss squeegees are great for drying and pushing buildups from entryways and mats where they can be wet vacuumed or pushed away outdoors.
  • 5.       Extractors – If you have adequate backup matting, extractors are great for removing the moisture. If you do not have backup sections, you will need to shut off part of your traffic flow while cleaning one entry section at a time.


Probably not. Rental mats are thin for ease of transportation and laundering. They fill quickly, are generally all the same design and early in the storm will become overwhelmed by water. The cost of rental mats is high enough that in one to two years, you can buy quality 3-stage matting and backups to clean-in-place and have three to eight more years “for free.”