Turn the Tables on Winter Colds and Flu

Colds and influenza make it hard on workers and students this time of year. Why not make it hard on the germs that cause illness instead?

A lot has been written about hand washing in fighting illness, but did you know janitorial staffs can also have a big impact?

Your Kansas or Missouri business may need a little different cleaning focus this winter. The key is to reduce transportation of germs from the person carrying them to an object and then to other people. If the germs stop on a surface like a door knob or desktop on the way, janitorial can stop them.

Cleaning for Health is important to corporate and educational bottom lines. Here are some areas where a shift in cleaning focus can lower sick leave: 

  • 1. While cleaning, clean and disinfect those common touch points that serve as way stations for germs. Make a list for your staff that applies to your circumstances and treat them regularly. 
  • 2. Use new types of disinfectants now available. Ask about the new ways to disinfect that do not rely on older, more-toxic chemistry like quats and phenols. Some new types of disinfectant even have on-going (residual) effectiveness. Others form a protectant coating that while imperceptible, keeps germs from having places to live. 
  • 3. Use color-coded cleaning. In your building, it may be red for restrooms, white for foodservice areas yellow for general purpose and blue for windows. Whatever your code, keep cloths and mops separated by zones so they cannot transport germs from a point where they are not dangerous to one where they are.
  • 4. Consider the air as part of your janitorial staff’s responsibility. Especially in schools, poor air quality has led to increasing asthma and allergies. Buildings are kept sealed more than in the past, many built with windows that never open.  To meet the challenge, vacuums are increasing in number of filtration stages and HEPA effectiveness they offer.
  • 5. Electrostatic applicators have been introduced for use when there has been a serious outbreak, and for environments where infection is common - such as schools, hospitals, theaters, cafeterias and assisted living facilities. Custodians can treat all surfaces in a room quickly. This reduces cleaning labor and cost. 
  • 6. Behavior still counts. Reminding people to cover their cough or sneeze, wash hands and use sanitizer is important and should be on-going. PUR-O-ZONE has posters available that can help you.

An expert in Cleaning for Health can recommend other methods specific to your circumstance. Give PUR-O-ZONE a call. 800-727-7876.