Most of the Dirt in Your Building Came in Through the Front Doors


When your building was new and the construction dust carried out with the final workers, your building was pretty clean, wasn't it? Next, the building was occupied. Most of the soils, aggregates and greases that accumulate in your building are carried in by people. The same people who want the building clean and comfortable. 

If you first focus on your entryways, you can cut down on soils entering the building and wear and tear on your floor coverings and finishes. There are a number of factors however, involved in being successful. 

PUR-O-ZONE offers a no-obligation Entryway and Mat Analysis to help you convert these important spaces into better, more appealing soil-capture zones. Your analysis may include a visual where we help you view what your entries would look like with matting customized to your needs and traffic patterns.

Often, converting from ordinary to effective involves a combination of actions to take based answers to the six following questions:


1. Are you getting the results you want?

2. Is your system effective? Why and why not. If we can make it more effective, studies indicate 80% of soil can be kept outside a building.

3. Is your system safe? In other words, does it protect you and building occupants/visitors from slip and fall hazards? Slip and fall costs are often the second largest cost item in a general liability policy.

4. Would you benefit from mats that follow traffic patterns? Do your mats go straight when your people take a turn? If so, then you are probably undergoing excess restorative floor care you could reduce.

5. Do your mats carry the look and feel that matches the imagery you want for your building? Watch building entries for awhile, and you may notice about 80% of people are looking down and slightly ahead as they pass through your doors. What are they seeing, and what does it say to them?

6. Saved the best for last. Does your custodial staff have a plan of care, and can we help them better understand how soil is captured and removed much more easily and cost-effectively at the door than once it enters the building?

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