Five Good Reasons to Repair Cleaning Equipment Before Summer

For many schools and universities, and some plants and factories, summertime is cleaning equipment repair time. But that is also the time that equipment is most needed for productivity. Here are some pointers on equipment repair you can use to make this summer more productive while cutting costs from your repair budget.

Get your equipment repaired in early spring, not after the last school bell has sounded.

Now is the time to have equipment inspected and repaired so it is ready and productive when your most important and most costly resource is ready and waiting – your people resources.

Have all your equipment reviewed, not just machines with known problems.

When you are scheduled for a big job, and you have your newly repaired equipment waiting in the wings, is a bad time to find a scrubber you thought was good to go has issues. On-site visits for repair should include preventive or planned maintenance inspection of all automation units to determine what is needed before summer is upon you.

Realize that summer is a rush period.

Most repair facilities are busier with longer wait times during the summer rush. Some even apply seasonally adjusted rates. Your down time, that period when automation is not helping your people be their most productive, is a hidden cost of repairs. In summer, when every day counts, this cost is much higher. If you do your repairs well before summer, your people productivity will be better.

Don’t run equipment experiencing problems, instead have them repaired as the issues arise.

There is a false economy in waiting until one time for your repairs. First, saved up repairs never cost less. Second, if you save needed equipment maintenance until a specific time, particularly summer when that equipment is needed for renovation projects, the deferred maintenance can make problems worse – and more costly. It’s just like maintaining a vehicle. Don’t let a little noise go unexamined until it turns into a big bill.

Planned Maintenance avoids many of these pitfalls, automatically.

Without even thinking about it, you can be avoiding equipment problems all year long by being on a planned maintenance program with your repair vendor. If the problems are found and repaired in advance of shutting needed equipment down at critical times, your cleaning results will be improved and your overall repair bills will be lowered. Planned Maintenance is a silver bullet when it comes to improving the custodial repair budget.