Another Round of Budget Cuts? Prioritize Workloading and Productivity.

The answer to some of your most important questions begins with the VFAR, or Variable Field Analysis Report. Please click on the photo for a brochure.

What do you do when you are on the second, third or fourth response to reductions in the annual cleaning budget?

First, you need to know exactly where you stand in relation to other institutions, and what is possible with the square footage and staff you now have, or soon will have. Nothing in your department's recent experiences will help. But the data you need is available to you, just from a different source.

Second, you need to immediately incorporate a plan of increased productivity from fewer people based on proven methods that fit your circumstances.

Third, you need to re-prioritize your workloading. The moment you take the first step - finding out where you stand in relation to other institutions - you will feel a sense of relief as you start down a proactive, proven road. 

Successful Response

Get the specifics now, by clicking on "Variable Field Analysis Report." Or call your PUR-O-ZONE representative or 800-727-7876 to order your report now. It's fast and free.

There is a successful response based on objective, accurate data and proven methods of responding. This huge database can be applied to your own numbers to give you a road map.

The good news is you can be started down this road 48 hours from now with a statistically based plan administrators and board members will understand.