Facial Tissue for Schools Deal Makes Economic Sense, Saves Trips and Keeps Stock Uniform

It just doesn'tClick on the flier above for details. make sense for all your school families to make individual trips to the store to buy facial tissue. With one order and free delivery you can receive Dubl-Soft (TM), a premium facial tissue, right to your door once or twice per school year. Simply order based on enrollment and add to the fees families pay for other services and supplies at the beginning of the semester or school year.

It just makes sense to stop:

  1. Hundreds of eco-unfriendly separate trips,
  2. kids hauling to school,
  3. or forgetting at home,
  4. trying to figure out who did and who did not turn their tissue in,
  5. multiple-size hard-to stack boxes,
  6. using up storage space in the classroom when cases could be stacked elsewhere,
  7. and varying quality or quantities of tissue.

All for a price that is less than what families will probably pay when school starts up again.

PTOs, this is a great way to help kids with allergy, cold and influenza season without running into issues with items like hand sanitizer that won't fit current dispensers or in sizes that might cause code violations! 

When you place your order for 30 or more cases, remember to request 12 free 11x17 posters on cold or influenza hygiene topics.