3M and Andersen Entry and Traffic Lane Mats May Reduce Your Liability Insurance Costs

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Slips and falls are the second most expensive insurance cost for general liability packages in the United States. The South Carolina School Board Association has a program in cooperation with their group insuror called PARR, where matting systems play a high-profile role in reducing slip and fall hazards.

Jeff Taylor, service manager, (left) and Jarid Moore, installation specialist, (right) tailor Andersen Eco Premier mats for oval revolving doors, and direct traffic around pillars toward the the security desk.

The National Floor Safety Institute, in conjunction with CNA insurance, studied slip and fall causes extensively and produced a white paper instructive to every facility maintenance director. The Slip and Fall Study, included many relevant recommentations for schools, businesses and restaurants such as:   

One of the surest ways to prevent the transmission of grease, water and other materials from the “back of the house” to the “front of the house” is to implement a good mat program. Ensure the mats are frequently inspected and checked regularly for wear and the buildup of contaminants. A poorly managed and maintained mat program can significantly increase your likelihood of reducing the slip resistance of flooring surfaces.