Are Rented Mats Dragging Down Your Budget?

Rental mats are by design relatively small and lightweight so they can be transported back and forth to the laundry 52 times a year. (Not an eco-friendly system.) Although they are minimum-duty and entry-level performance designs, they actually cost you much more than you would invest in owning larger coverage and much higher wet-capacity and cleaning-efficient matting. Break-even comes in only one to two years, even less if you don't expand sizes of mats. But we recommend you look at expanded sizing.  All the testing results, whether industry or independent, call for 12 to 20 feet per traffic lane to reduce wear and tear on your floors, reduce slip-fall risk liability and cut the labor to remove soil once it travels inside your facility.

But Don't We Need Someone to Clean Our Matting?

You probably are already cleaning your rental mats between scheduled replacement visits - change-outs that never seem to coincide with weather conditions or need. And the clincher is, you probably already own all the equipment you need on-site to keep them cleaner than with an expensive service. 

Your PUR-O-ZONE representative, or our service department specialists, can show you a few tips and tricks where mats are slighly different from cleaning your existing carpeted areas. Isn't it time you replaced a huge outsourcing expense with internal, eco-friendly practices that lead to a cleaner and safer building? Please click here for in-depth information to consider. 

Click here for a brochure, "Cut Your Costs, Increase your Control."