Is Your Staff Continuously Improving, or Just Treading Water?

The thing about treading water is that - even if you're good at it - eventually, you will wear out and drown. That is, unless you have a plan of swimming to terra firma to get your feet on solid ground between drenchings. Of course you have to do the hard work of swimming, it's not good enough to just think about where you would like to be.

Unfortunately, like the frog that gets complacently boiled in a pot where the temperature rises imperceptibly but incrementally, the world around us is constantly changing and creating new heat under our backsides. New demands on budgets, talents, productivity, automation and response to changing building occupant needs. We're going to get drenched, no doubt. The real question is, do we have a plan in place that will root us on firm ground from time to time? A plan that results in progress, imporvement, better productivity, and less consumption of human resources. (Hopefully, one that also leaves the swimming hole safe for future generations.)

Because 95% of your cleaning budget goes into the people who carry out the cleaning, PUR-O-ZONE wants to help you focus on continuous improvement cycles. In these cycles, there is no treading water - at least not for long. There is no "we have arrived moment," you are constantly moving toward dry land and making forward progress.

The first step is getting your staff on a Continuous Education Cycle Certification program designed for your challenges. Take a moment to look at the education program below that most closely fits your needs. Then call a PUR-O-ZONE representative to schedule a baseline evaluation. If you are a customer who is purchasing most of your supplies and preventive maintenance needs from PUR-O-ZONE, there is no charge for this on-going work. It's just part of the relationship.

If you are purchasing from another supplier, we have these programs available on a fee basis. The return-on-investment is excellent.