Get Ready for Seasonal, Regional and Local Outbreaks this Fall

The next pandemic or regional outbreak is always just around the corner. There is no need to panic, but there is need to act. There are so many new tools available to you now to take a bite out of the expense and misery illness creates. 

The world death toll from the widely publicized A(H1N1) influenza virus has now exceeded 18,000 since the start in 2009. Every year, however, the seasonal influenza - which varies in type from year to year -averages 33,000 fatalities in the United States alone.

With fall comes the start of school with classes fuller than ever. MRSA outbreaks have affected nearly every sports program at public and private schools and universities in the nation. Did you know out of a class of 26 elementary school students, two or three will have serious asthma and allergy issues? These are affected by dust, mold and mildew - all part of the cleaning function. Asthma is the most common reason to be home from school and for a visit to the emergency room.

C. diff, a pathogen that can cause serious gastro-intestinal infections, is becoming the next wave of threat for residents in assisted-living facilities and patients in hospitals. A new, more lethal strain has recently appeared at assisted living centers in Arizona. 

Norovirus causes gastro-intestinal illness that spreads so quickly and is so debilitating that it can stop an ocean cruise and send the liner back to port. A hint of an outbreak can cancel a cruise for in-depth disinfection, yet large-scale tests at schools in different states have shown that at school, one in five of our children may sit at desks with Norovirus on them*.

So times, expectations and the function of cleaning are all changing as bacteria and viruses are becoming old-line disinfectant resistant. Old cleaning procedures and fall-back positions that respond to health as an afterthought may need a makeover. The good news is that, with some assistance, you can make a healthy difference.

Cleaning the Unseen can reduce absenteeism in the workplace, school, on the campus and in the healthcare facility.

Studies from various new approaches show absenteeism reductions of 19%, 33%, 51% and even higher are possible. Combined, the available approaches can make a measureable difference that converts into healthier, happier residents, patients, students, employees, tenants and visitors. Grandma was right when she reminded, "Prevention is cheaper than cure."

Not only our experience helping organizations improve their cleaning effectiveness on the microscopic level, but those of hospitals and other medical care facilities around the world show it commonly takes a multi-faceted approach to be successful. Practical, in-situ studies at universities and corporations prove an excellent return on investment and that the Cleaning the Unseen (TM) approach - also known as Cleaning for Health - has multiple benefits for your people and facility. Risks are reduced, toxins are reduced or eliminated, cleaning is improved, olfactory response (what people smell) is improved and overall costs are contained.

*Boston Children's Hospital Study