CIMS - Worldwide Recognized Best Practice Management

Mark McFarland and Dennis O'Hagan, sales managers on the PUR-O-ZONE staff, are now both certified CIMS I.C.E.-G.B. Mark has had his certification since 2009. Here is information on the program and what it can do for your organization:

                Management framework designed to assist cleaning organizations develop and maintain quality, customer-focused organizations 
                Based on universally accepted management principles that are hallmarks of success 
                Can assist organizations to more effectively allocate resources

CIMS “ISSA Certification Expert’
                 I.C.E. certified professionals have received training on key characteristics of a quality, customer-focused organization
                 Passed examination of management elements of the standard
                I.C.E. certified professionals have been trained on CIMS management elements and are prepared to help you improve operations and save money
                I.C.E. certified professionals are dedicated to finding solutions to your everyday problems and have a better understanding of what it takes to run a cleaning organization

                Identifies you as a credible, quality- and customer-focused organization
                Distinguishes you from companies who are “all talk” by offering third-party validation that you actually do what you say we do
                Helps you deliver a consistently high level of service
                Offers assurance that your management systems and processes are in compliance with the industry’s leading standard and best practices
                Enables you to reduce costs and pass along savings to your customers
                Ensures that you have a sustainable business model to provide long-term service to your customers
                Provides the flexibility you need to meet customer demands in a changing economy


ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard for Green Buildings (CIMS-GB) program has been included in the recently released draft of proposed revisions to the LEED- Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (EBOM) standard.  Inclusion in the final version would allow companies with CIMS-GB certification to directly assist customers in earning credits toward LEED recognition.

This is clear recognition that ISSA’s program has earned the respect of the building operations, facility management and sustainability industries.  Specifically, using a CIMS-GB certified cleaning service provider has been specified as a way a facility can demonstrate compliance with the Indoor Environmental Quality Credit for implementing a “High Performance Cleaning Program” and worth one credit toward LEED Certification.

The inclusion of CIMS-GB in the new draft LEED: EBOM standard comes at a time when more and more building owners, facility managers and procurement professionals are relying on CIMS and CIMS-GB in the cleaning service contractor selection process, including a growing number of government and military health care facilities. As such, cleaning service providers are encouraged to pursue certification before being required to do so by customers.