Relapses in Child A-H1N1 Cases

In a limited number of cases where otherwise healthy children have been infected with A-H1N1, or swine influenza, a bacterial pneumonia infection results deeper in the lungs than normal influenza usually creates. In compromised invidividuals, for example children with cerebral palsy who may not be able to cough adequately to remove secretions caused by influenza, pneumonia is an expected threat.

In the cases involving otherwise healthy children, there appears to be an improvement and then a relapse as the growing pneumonial infection causes the child's temperature to rise. Doctors warn to be on the lookout for specific symptoms and to act quickly to get medical review, even if the child was recently seen by a physician:

  • Improvement in temperature and general symptoms followed by a relapse and high fever.
  • Agitation, grumpiness more than normal with illness for your child.
  • Additional bluish cast to lips, inner corner of eyes around tear ducts or fingernails.
  • Difficulty in waking.

This set of circumstances has been added to those noticed with this strain of influenza in addition to others known earlier such as particular virulence and threat to pregnant women.