Your Facility Can Work Within its Budget Without Turning Over the Keys

Contract outsourcing for school systems promises much, but is not the only way to address severely constrained budgets. Aligning your staff for productivity with fewer people allows you to keep control, keep your taxpayer-paid equipment assets, strengthen your staff and to avoid hidden variable costs like overtime. Promised outsourcing savings can be overwhemed by a tsunami of problems, loss of control and unanticipated expenses. 

Click here for a case study of area school systems that have made the outsourcing decision, wished they had not, and the story of their struggle to recover.

24 Months after OutsourcingClick here for a presentation that focuses on some of the damage outsourcing might do to your staff, your most valuable resource when responding to budget slashing. 

See the article below on the first step to better productivity answers starting almost immediately. PUR-O-ZONE can help you now, and without turning over the keys.