Using Education and Measurement to Improve Cleaning ROI

What if your janitorial supply vendor focused on the productivity of your personnel resources and reduction of your budget - instead of mainly on products?

Pozzyman, circa 1957.

The PUR-O-ZONE relationship is designed around education and measurement of staff performance, both from a cleaning perspective and from a return-on-investment perspective. Products are an important part of that balance, but people - your people - are critical. Our philosophy is based on the fact that people resources are the largest portion of any annual cleaning budget. Choosing the right systems, methodology and automation makes your expenditures for supplies, chemistry and tools pay off in performance.

To affect performance, PUR-O-ZONE makes a long-term commitment to bringing relevant education to the table. By relevant, we mean important to your productivity, not simply introduction of a new product. In order to judge the value of the educational process in your facility, we also help you introduce measurement and evaluation methods.  

The current distribution, manufacturing and retail center just off I-70 at the West Lawrence interchange.The original facility with offices shown in the 700 block of Connecticut St., Lawrence. What gets measured, evaluated and reviewed gets done. This is part of a Continuing Education Cycle your PUR-O-ZONE representatives can help you create in your facility. This PUR-O-ZONE Alignment Process (TM) takes the five key elements that PUR-O-ZONE has identified and incorporates their development into the fabric of your organization's cleaning staff structure. (See the Five Elements in the article below.)