What is PUR-O-ZONE's Minimum Order?


Because PUR-O-ZONE is a business-to-business vendor, we work hard to keep our costs low for the industries we serve. Minimum orders save money for everyone - you and us alike - because they batch more items together for the same, or nearly the same, overhead costs. For every order, there are many receiving, check-writing and stocking costs for customers that have duplicate costs at the vendor. A reasonable minimum order helps spread these costs over more products. INFOGRAPHIC.

Since August of 2016, our minimum order is $150.


There is one exception to the minimum order, and that is if existing accounts call or electronically order the needed item(s) two hours in advance to be picked up at our Lawrence will-call location at 345 N. Iowa under the PUR-O-ZONE sign. Then there is no minimum order.