Can You Send Me A Catalog?


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Catalogs use a lot of paper, but are quickly outdated. They annually add to filling up landfills. However, digital versions of catalogs are easy to search, are easy to "snip" from and send pictures or links to someone by email. They don't require paper so don't add to the deforestation problem. So, PUR-O-ZONE and has not offered hard-copy catalogs since 2011.

However, we do have handy-dandy downloadable PDF versions and flip-book versions of our main catalogs available on this website. We have a Sustainability Guide which lists our lines and links you to websites and sustainability statements, along with telling you what green groups certify some or all of the manufacturer's products.

We have a Manufacturer Links page which includes SDS (Safety Data Sheet) information. (Because links are often updated for various reasons, if you are in a rush for SDS information and a link is broken, you can often search [Google or elsewhere] by the product name, manufacturer and "SDS sheet" in the search box.)

For PUR-O-ZONE-brand chemistry products, we an individual page.

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously and do all we can to promote greener products, more sustainable methods and to operate our business utilizing best practices that will benefit generations to come.