New Everyday Floorcare - Why Get on Board?


You've heard about new floor finishes, orbital scrubbing, chem-free stripping and surface prep pads. So what's in it for you? Why learn about or invest in some of these changes? Aren't they just hype over whatever is latest and greatest?

Well no, and heck no! If you aren't performing your floorcare regimen a lot differently than you were just a couple of years ago, you are missing a boat you want to be on.

Here are seven reasons to get on board:

  • Conventional acrylic finishes are fading into history. New  finish technologies apply and dry so much faster, and protect so much longer, your whole team will be days ahead when you refinish and years ahead between major restorations.
  • Stripping chemistry is also on the endangered species list. With orbital scrubbing and modern abrasive "surface prep" pads, you can refinish any type of hard floor with less effort and a minimum of - or even no - chemistry. 
  • By eliminating stripping chemistry, you eliminate one of the most headache-prone, slip-causing elements of finishing a floor. When you finish a floor and realize no one has fallen or gotten dizzy from fumes, you can better visualize what a leap mechanical finish removal represents.
  • By purchasing less chemistry for cleaning, because modern scrubbing and refinishing machinery does much more of the work, you will reduce expenditures from your supplies budget.
  • By speeding up laborers, by hours and days, you will reduce or reallocate your people budget.
  • By taking rooms out of action for much less time, your building occupants will thank you for whatever you did that sped up the process of cleaning or stripping so much.
  • By lengthening dramatically the time between refinishing by using floor finishes proven to last much longer, you will reduce or even eliminate one of the most costly elements of floorcare, restoration.