Blowing Hot Air - The Bottom Line


Cost factor comparisons commissioned by or heavily affected by air blower manufacturers should take into consideration more factors than they do:

  1. The initial expense of advanced dryers is significant. However, often unmentioned are the electrical installation and modifications to restroom electrical systems and walls required that can easily be higher than the initial blower costs.
  2. Repair, replacement and maintenance of the electrical devices operating in a high-moisture environment is often not included in cost comparisons. All devices in restrooms are subject to heavy-duty use, vandalism and the rigors of water and dirt. Replacement of broken parts and units is an important consideration.
  3. The cost of much more frequent labor required to clean up splattery messes on walls, floors and the units themselves is an on-going, considerable expense. Labor is 95% of most cleaning budgets, whereas supplies are only 5%. Just a six-percent increase in labor outweighs the elimination of even the entiresupplies budget.
  4. Purported savings by reducing visits to restrooms are almost non-existent in well-managed cleaning systems. The restrooms must be visited for cleaning checks and replenishing other essential supplies anyway.
  5. In retail establishments, the negative imagery created by blowers can lead to revenue attrition. Studies have long shown that people judge the care and concern of restaurants and stores from the care taken in restrooms to accommodate a clean and convenient environment [B].

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If, after discussion, you are convinced you need to try a model such as the Dyson Airblade (TM) in your restrooms, for about a third in savings, we offer the iStorm(TM) and you can try one without spending a dime on remodeling before you do. We have corded units we can mount semi-temporarily for trials. The iStorm is, in our opinion, a better design than the "dip in your hands" Airblade. All you need is an existing electrical outlet in the vicinity of where the trial iStorm must be mounted.

By trialing before spending the required remodeling dollars, you can receive the feedback you need on how the system will work. You can see what cleaning measures will have to be taken to contend with wet processing of this task. Then, you can make a better-informed decision before investing heavily.