Cut-End Wet Mop, Standard Plus™


Cut-End Wet Mop, Standard Plus™

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#W6020-EA - 20 oz. each   W6024-EA - 24 oz. each
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by Pro-Link

  • 1.25" Headband
  • White
  • Accurate ounce weights
  • Blended fibers
  • High absorbency
  • White mesh headbands
  • 4-ply open-ended yarn

Cut-end mop heads are the traditional style of wet mop used for decades. Although economical to purchase, they cannot be laundered and are inefficient, particularly when compared with modern mop types such as microfiber. They are more absorbent than looped end mops, and are often disposed of after use.

If retained, rinse thoroughly and hang to dry over a water-safe, drained area. Most cleaning and disinfecting chemicals eat into and discolor cotton mop heads.

Handle connection types: Use with grip, or clamp-type handles.  

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