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Ahearn Fieldhouse ByoPlanet Demo-nar

  • Ahearn Fieldhouse 919 North 17th Street Manhattan, KS, 66506 United States (map)

Application of disinfectant over broad areas or an entire room has always presented a challenge. Aerosols are expensive, generate excess propellants that accompany the desired chemistry, and have to be sprayed from many angles. Even coverage is always a challenge.

Spraying a room or irregular object or a hazmat-suited person with misted droplets from a pump sprayer soaks some items, misses others and takes a long time. Application varies with drops running off some areas, pooling in others. As with aerosols, some sides of objects are missed or covered lightly. Time is again an issue. 

ByoPlanet has developed an applicator that works similarly to how items are painted on assembly lines today, electrostatically. Negatively charged product - one that you choose to put in the ByoPlanet applicator - is misted from a wand that covers perfectly all surfaces. The operator simply gets the mist headed throughout the room, and the process takes care of the rest.