Advance™ Upright Scrubber


Advance™ Upright Scrubber

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Mops are a drag. Not only are they an ergonomic backache, they are one of the most inefficient cleaning holdovers from the 15th century still in use today. Let's get past that and take a leap in effectiveness and comfort with the Advance SC100, a tactical upright scrubber that is right for everything the string mop has been so wrong for since the Late Middle Ages.


  • Completely self-contained. Grab and roll.
  • Great for small and tight-area clean up on hard floors.
  • Ergonomic, efficient - upright scrubbing does not fatigue custodians like mopping does.
  • Contains and removes the soil and contaminants instead of spreading.
  • No mop strings left hanging on corners.
  • Easy-to-handle recovery tank reduces effort required.
  • Low deck profile gives the operator easy access under furniture.
  • Built for reliability and long life.
  • PUR-O-ZONE services these units with Advance-certified expertise.
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