Work goes on at our small equipment bench, one of five operating repair stations in our expanded repair section.

If you have a piece of equipment in need of service, fill out a Repair Form at our service portal now to get the ball rolling.

Our in-house staff is equipped, experienced and certified to service a wide range of cleaning equipment. Repair services are one of our core competencies. PUR-O-ZONE's 3,500 sq. ft. repair facility and staff contained inside our 36,000 s.f. headquarters building in Lawrence have been widely recognized by both manufacturers and customers for service excellence. We have certified Advance-Nilfisk Master Technician status on-board, and are also the official installer of new equipment in Kansas for Advance. Many of our western Kansas customers are served through our Hutchinson facility. Combined, our staff has scores of hours of manufacturer training both locally and at manufacturer plants. Average experience of senior repair staff exceeds 17 years as industry veterans.


Services available from our Lawrence headquarters follow.
Please contact our Hutchinson branch directly for repair program information and charges.


You can deliver your corded electric equipment or vacuum to our Lawrence or Hutchinson facilities, or we can pick up the equipment in many parts of Kansas and western Missouri for a nominal fee. 

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Our staff specializes in Advance-Nilfisk, Nobles-Tennant, Kaivac, ProTeam, Host, Tornado and Viper repair. Most frequently used parts are already stocked in our large parts inventory adding speed to our response. In addition to specialty product lines, we are capable of servicing and obtaining parts at competitive pricing for all major equipment brands. Our staff is among the first in the United States to plan for repair capabilities in the field of autonomous cleaning equipment and robotics.

Submit a repair request.


Hourly rate plus parts, nominal pick up and delivery fees (if applicable).

Note: Most ride-on and battery walk-behind equipment is at risk for damage in transportation, and for safety, needs to be serviced on-site with our Road Warrior repair service, described below.

On-Site REPAIR Service

If transporting your equipment provides challenges, if your equipment is ride-on or battery walk-behind, or if you simply prefer your repairs to be made on-site so your automation is available again as quickly as possible, our trained field staff can assist you at many locations in Kansas and western Missouri. Our extensive repair and installation staff can generally service your equipment as quickly as anyone in the region. The experience level of our field staff helps make service visits more efficient and effective, keeping your costs lower.

To help us provide you with the most productive first service visit, please use our on-line system for submitting repair requests. That system helps remind you of important information that just might save a two-part service call. You will be contacted after submitting your request to gather any final details.


Trip charge (an approximation of our hourly rate, one-way), hourly rate, plus parts.
Return trips to complete service require additional trip charge. 


The overall most cost-effective way to maintain cleaning equipment is through preventive, or planned maintenance.

Planned maintenance servicing (PM) has several advantages:

  • Problems are handled before they result in "sympathetic" problems.
  • Keeps equipment more ready for use, so people costs aren't increased by using ineffective equipment or by waiting for repair.
  • Helps the equipment produce better results.
  • Equipment lasts longer, lowering the lifetime cost of ownership.
  • People are more productive when problems are spotted timely.
  • Replaces trip charges.

Planned maintenance visits vary in cost by category of equipment. There is a charge for each item on the list. The less complex the equipment category, the lower the planned maintenance cost.


During each PM visit, a specific checklist of items are looked into for that specific category and model of equipment. Routine minor maintenance items are handled as the list is checked. For example, if a squeegee on a rider-scrubber should be flipped, that will be done. If the squeegee should be replaced, it will be placed on the resulting estimate. These services are included in the PM base charge.


You will receive an estimate for any needed repairs on the equipment for approval. Once approved, parts will be ordered and a return visit to do all essential work will take place. The cost assembled in the estimate assumes no hidden issues are uncovered as the equipment is disassembled for repair. In about 70% of cases, no hidden issues exist. In about 30% of cases, once the initial area of concern is exposed and available for complete inspection, a related or additional area is found. Planned maintenance generally minimizes hidden damage and repair costs in general through professional inspection on a routine frequency. 


Base charge per item of equipment, plus any later trip charge (one-way), hourly rate and parts.

PM Frequency

Chosen based on frequency of use of the equipment. We will make a recommendation in most cases, but the frequency is selected by the customer:

  • 3-month
  • 4-month
  • 6-month
  • Annual