Nifty Nabber™ Trash Grabber


Nifty Nabber™ Trash Grabber

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by Unger

Why add Nifty Nabber™ to your cleaning arsenal? First, they are engineered to do their job really well and to last a long, long time. However, the best reason for adding them is ergonomics. They make it easier on your staff to do more work with less effort.

People wear out a little more and risk their backs every time they bend over. Nifty Nabbers allow people to pick up without bending, get some items off shelves without a step-stool and to reach into trash containers to remove something without risking contact with sharp or infected items.

People clean more and clean better when they are not fatigued. This product can help with both. 

This is the heavy-duty professional version Nabber. Made to stand up to daily, commercial use.

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