Do More with Less

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If you say it fast enough, it sounds easy, doesn't it? "Do more with less."

Doing more with less is exactly what most facility managers have been forced to do inside their companies and organizations for nearly a decade. The school janitorial industry has been particularly hard hit. It is not easy to do more with less. Not easy at all.

This year, let us all pledge to resist the temptation to take another comb-through of old supplies budget to see what can be cut. Instead, let us work where real impact can be made, on the other 95% of the facility management or school custodial budget. Because most organizations of any size spend only one dollar out of 20 on supplies, and less than that on automation, your efforts on that small portion can cut your current supplies costs by an additional 10% and you only end up saving .5 percent overall. As we all are aware, there is very little left to chop out of the supplies budget.

Cutting the supplies budget again for added savings is a false economy, because to make a bang cutting your supplies budget, you are required to work with paper and soap supplies, chemistry and automation that nobody prefers or can produce desired results with. Your definition of cleaning, in other words, sinks into an area that is dysfunctional.

So, while treating your supplies budget cautiously is always in order, taking too many cuts is counter productive to your real opportunity to affect the budget, your people costs.

Focus on that 95% of your budget spent on people resources by improving productivity and you have a real shot at making not just minor dents, but revolutionary changes in your budget. That focus is exactly what we work with our customers to do.

When you focus on people, productivity and equipment, your supplies and automation costs might even increase - in fact, the probably will. However, if overall productivity results from a combination of the right materials, equipment and better productivity on the people side of the budget, you can come out way ahead. You can actually fulfill the requirement to "do more with less."

This process is not something that happens overnight. Prepare for an on-going transformation that shows a direction in eight months for many, and revolutionary results in the second and third years. Our team can help you do that.

Do more with less.

Mark McFarland is a CIMS - I.C.E. (ISSA-Certified Expert), and has an established track record for turning around janitorial department budgets.

To get a walk-through with Mark of your facility, fill out this simple form to start your application process. In the end, your modest costs for this process could end up being credited to your account, and you may begin a departmental jump start that changes everything in your facility.