708 Connecticut St., Lawrence, KS  circa 1957.

Margin for error is thin. Budgets are constrained. Expectations are rising. Success is critical.

When it comes to cleaning, building operations, occupant satisfaction, cleaning for health and sustainability, we are always here to help. A committed vendor with expertise and flexibility can assist you in moving your department from good to great. PUR-O-ZONE will help you meet the challenges you face within the budget you have available today.

PUR-O-ZONE has the industry-certified, long-term experience to offer approaches from a unique perspective and a successful track record. We see janitorial supplies not just from the perspective of a distributor of cleaning, floor care, foodservice and laundry essentials, but also as a manufacturer of cleaning and floor care chemistry.

You can expect the training, supplies and equipment for your facility that, in turn will benefit from improving performance. We offer the crews that can perform many critical tasks, like gym-floor refinishing, and that do this work all year. We sell and install restroom dispensing systems, partitions, chemical management systems and chemistry-free cleaning systems. We manage existing foodservice warewashing and laundry systems and are one of the midwest's largest installers of proportioners for both solid and liquid options.

Select from cleaning equipment produced by six leading manufacturers. Take advantage of our repair facilities and industry-certified technical staff to keep your fleet of any size operating. We are brick and mortar - with physical operations and retail centers in both Lawrence and Hutchinson. At the same time we offer complete on-line and digital support for you.

PUR-O-ZONE has, from its inception in 1943, blazed a path not only of selling janitorial, laundry and foodservice products, but also of manufacturing cleaning and floor care chemistry, training facility managers and custodians, educating staffs about cleaning issues, warranting, repairing and maintaining equipment, installing dispensers and proportioning systems, and measuring cleaning satisfaction and results, to help you achieve your individualized definition of clean.

We are always here to help.


345 N. Iowa Street, Lawrence, Kansas, 2002.

345 N. Iowa Street, Lawrence, Kansas, 2002.

YOU CAN COUNT ON PUR-O-ZONE TO BE At your side when cleaning challenges SURFACE.

We will help you over the inevitable speed bumps that come with the complex and often-changing cleaning landscape. You have our on-going guarantee, as others have enjoyed over more than 70 years, that if you find an issue with a product you have purchased from us, a machine we have repaired, a dispenser we have installed, or a floor we have finished or guided you in finishing - that you can count on PUR-O-ZONE to be working as hard as you are to achieve the desired result. We come to the table with the necessary skills and the required commitment and attitude.

We are on the same team. 



The success of facility management hinges on staff effectiveness, which constitutes 95% of most cleaning budgets. We start with the triad relationship between current occupant perceptions, budget and your definition of clean.
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support services from people who have the experience AND SYSTEMS to do YOUR job right

Range of experience helps us help your facility maintenance department in many different ways. We provide products and training, but we also deliver high-quality services to get the big jobs done well, on time and within budget.
We offer you a wide range of support services.  

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